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Do you work in Manufacturing, Healthcare, SaaS, or Conferencing?

And do you know the best ways your digital marketing can –
Not sure? Then ask us. Even if you are sure, ask us anyway, because we might surprise you!

If you run a B2B company or the marketing department for one, then you need a specialised B2B digital marketing team to help you create outstanding customer experiences through omni-channel marketing strategies.

Your customers are the core of everything you do, so they’ll be the core of everything we do. With SnellMedia, you’ll work directly with our founder and lead team, based in Denmark. We’ll use our 20+ years of experience to develop and implement strategies tailored to your goals and targeted in all channels.
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Message from SnellMedia Founder & CEO Derick Snell

We know what you need for your digital marketing because we needed it too.
Omni-Channel Marketing Message from SnellMedia Founder

Derick Snell

SnellMedia took root and grew from a gap in the market. As an entrepreneur and business owner, just like you, I needed a digital marketing agency that understood my company’s work, goals, and most importantly, customers. 

We got okay results from some agencies, but we knew we could get better. So we created our own omni-channel digital marketing agency, focused on your customers to provide the right skills and insights for you.

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Our values

Simplicity and practicality

You benefit from cleanly structured yet fully functional digital strategies that target one goal and one call to action per campaign.

Transparency and accessibility

You and your team can always see the data and workflow of your projects and ask us questions so that you know what’s happening.

Flexibility and improvement

We adapt to your business and your goals to collaborate with your team, and we adapt to the market to handle challenges as they arise.

Focus on the customer

Every one of our omni-channel strategies puts your customers first to optimise their experiences with you.

Long-term vision

While some agencies think in days and weeks, we think in months and years, building digital marketing campaigns that will grow as your business does.

Our top talent

Although SnellMedia’s lead team members live and work in Denmark, you can find our highly skilled marketing specialists across the globe, in every country where we have clients. We freely and seamlessly share information and collaborate on projects customised to your needs, wherever in the world you are.

Boris Kacer, SEO and Email

SEO and email marketing affects many points across a marketing strategy, so I share results and insights with multiple departments on all client activities.
Omni-Channel SEO Strategy Message from Boris

Boris Kacer

As our Lead Analytics Specialist, Boris supports our client onboarding process by managing all the data we collect for a campaign and filling our teams in on your needs. He’ll analyse and benchmark your business, your industry, and your competition, then apply what he learns to build SEO and email campaigns focused on converting your prospects into customers.

As the work progresses, he and his team will monitor their omni-channel data to report results and opportunities as they arise. You and our other teams will get detailed information on your social media, e-commerce, pay-per-click campaigns, and more. Your customers will get product pages, email funnels, and search results built on his technical expertise to optimise their user experience.

Amanda Bäckström, Content

Making a complex B2B company appealing for an audience means bringing in data and wins from different campaigns to illustrate a client’s authentic business story in text.
Omni-Channel Content Strategy Message from Amanda
Amanda Bäckström

Our Head of Content keeps your identity and culture in mind as she creates customer-centric content that highlights your story and builds traction with your audience. She oversees all of our written content, from newsletters to YouTube scripts, chatbot sequences and site text.  

She seamlessly integrates content in three languages (English, Danish and Swedish) and aligns your brand’s message across all channels, discovering your style and refining your text to speak to multiple personas at each stage of the customer journey. 

Amanda collaborates closely with all departments to unite the text, images, and infographics of your campaigns. She and Derick also add a visual element to your marketing with an entertaining YouTube channel to finalise your online presence.

Henriette Gärtner, UX and SoMe

My work brings to life what my colleagues have created for a company’s identity, tying up loose ends and optimising the materials for sense and seamlessness across our campaigns. 
Omni-Channel Social Media Strategy Message from Henriette
Henriette Gärtner

Henriette loves data-driven solutions and keeps your results and needs in mind. As our Head of User Experiences and Social Media, she collaborates with our writing and design teams to reinforce the functionality of all that data on landing pages, A/B tests, CTAs, and more. 

She also applies brand identity functions to optimise messages and content for conversion. She works closely with Boris and Kasper and uses deep keyword research to amplify PPC and SEO campaigns.

Gitte Hjøllund, Design

Taking a client’s thoughts and experiences and transforming them into vibrant yet truthful designs that capture the audience requires focusing on the client instead of a specific style.
Omni-Channel Design Strategy Message from Gitte
Gitte Hjøllund

Our Head of Design helps your prospects move through your channels easily with her inspired designs. She builds on your guidelines as well as your brand identity to develop exciting graphic elements for your portfolio.  

Her work on your website layouts, SoMe graphics, banners and post graphics conveys the look and feel of your brand and engages your target audience. Her eye-catching yet professional elements drive views, clicks, interaction, and  conversions. 

She also stays informed on trends in graphic design, meshing them with evergreen concepts in the spirit of kaizen. 

Kasper Bruhn Lindenberg, PPC

We’re all part of a bigger unit, and the success of campaigns always depends on the success of the work we do as a joint force.
Omni-Channel PPC Strategy Message from Kasper
Kasper Bruhn Lindenberg

As our PPC Lead, Kasper collaborates with Boris and Henriette to shape pay-per-click campaigns using quality data, including your own PPC portfolio. In identifying your best campaign setup, he studies your current marketing, your audience, and your requirements to customise the right strategies for you.

He and Boris devote themselves to reducing your CPCs and raising your CTRs. Kasper also collaborates with Amanda and Gitte to create PPC campaigns with graphics and written content that maximise quality score and reduce cost per conversion.

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Our office

Please feel free to make an appointment to visit our headquarters, located in Southern Denmark near the German border in the seaside town of Sønderborg. We're within driving distance of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Hamburg & Berlin.

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