Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is the method of organically ranking high on search engines such as Google. This means optimising content you post online to a point where search engines start wanting to show your content above others, preferably at the very top result for searches of specific keywords.

A sure way of achieving this status is through paid ads. To bring about this kind of ranking means optimising the quality and quantity of the traffic surging towards your website.

SEO helps businesses expand the quantity of traffic, meaning to continually attract attention from search engine users. Further, the idea is not exclusively to gain more traffic, you also want to make sure that the traffic you’re getting is the quality kind; the people interested in the things you offer a.k.a, the kind of users that will return to your webpage and, in time, convert to premiums. At SnellMedia, we help B2B companies plan their online content with consideration towards what kind of businesses they want to attract. Knowing the quality traffic, we help you tailor and optimise your content and create a plan for SEO-efforts to ensure high rank visibility of your website and its content on search engine results.

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Search Engines

Digital Marketing Agency Service for SEO, search engine optimisation

Search engines have been vastly improved to the extent of now working as answer machines for users' needs and intents. So, obviously we want to ensure that you are the answer to your target audience’s queries.

Question is, how do the search engines really function and benefit your ranking potential?

There are three major operating functions behind search engines. First we have search engine crawling, the discovery process looking for novel or updated content.

This step is searching for URLs through other links and indexing them in a large database from which information can later be yielded. The next step uses this massive database to determine what content and websites are strong and valuable enough to be served to users.

Lastly, the search engine wants to list the selected content, so that when someone performs a search, they quickly find the most relevant answers to their query. This is the phase where content is ranked and where you need to be ahead to succeed.

Five main Aspects

Now, what activities need to be done in order to achieve a strong SEO-game? As is spoiled in this section’s title, we at SnellMedia work with the following five main elements.

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Keyword research

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Considering the user's interests when searching for information helps businesses understand what is being searched for and how many are searching for it.

Additionally, often businesses already have some seed keywords that they wish to rank under, which is a great start in discovering leading keywords with the best end-result.
Here it is important to find balance between popular keywords that your audience are using with an understanding of what is advantageous for your business - To rank, sometimes it’s smart to choose less competitive keywords.

One of the activities we help with during this stage is performing a Keyword Gap Analysis a tool for identifying valuable keywords from which your competitor’s succeed where you still fall short in order to boost your position and ranking.

Going back to the user’s intents, these are key in order to ensure ranking as they are the ones using the search engine. These can either be informational (info needed), navigational (specific pages), transactional (provide activity - like purchasing), commercial (comparing offers) or local (locations nearby).

On-site optimisation

A next step is diving into on-page SEO.

At this point we help you with crafting web pages that provide answers to searcher’s queries. One fragment of on-site SEO is working with posts that can be shared across various pages or domains, hence optimising the use of created content. We also help you understand the profitable way of using keywords in posts to ensure a nice flow for readability.

A part of the on-site optimisation is also creating header tags, H1’s, that are unique to each of the pages on your website. While optimising your on-site SEO, we also look into the website's internal linking structure in order to ensure that readers can easily drift through the pages you offer. A big part of interesting sites are inviting images that cooperate with information.

However, these need to be optimised as well, considering three major aspects: images help readers understand, and they look good; optimised images load quickly and do not slow down the web page, and lastly; optimised images are easy for search engines to index. We help you work with your images through continuous optimisation to ensure high-quality graphic content that does not slow down your site.

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Local SEO

Digital Marketing Agency Service for SEO, search engine optimisation

As we work with small enterprises, more often than not, SEO with a local consideration is something we highly recommend. First of all, this means listings claim; online registered location as a way of gaining traffic and ranking on specific location searches.

To avoid spamming, we help businesses find a perfect line for local context keywords that

ensures that anyone visiting your webpage knows where you’re located.

For local context SEO, it is of course also important to attain positive reviews from businesses you’ve collaborated with so that other potential clients want to apply your products or services into their businesses.

Technical SEO

As a B2B business, it will be important for you to utilise technical expertise as part of your SEO. This will help you optimise your site for search engines and establish credibility with other businesses.

Technical SEO is crucial for developers behind search engines to access, process, interpret and index your web pages without difficulties.
For search engine developers to understand why you are valuable, they need to understand that the information you are providing is valuable by spoon-feeding them specific distributions, thus confirming that your content is an asset for users of the search engine.

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Link building

Measure your success

To effectuate your SEO measurability, keep the end of the initiative in mind from day one. Find out what your website goals are, and in what way you desire for them to profit the business. Also, we help assess client needs so that your on-site SEO can be tailored around them. Here we should look into what measurement metrics are beneficial for your end goal:

  • Conversion rate (Such as email sign-ups or account creation)
  • Time on page (For how long is your website interesting to your reader?)
  • Bounce rate (Contrary to engagement, are readers not returning?)
  • Scroll depth (Is your content enticing so the reader finishes reading the page?)
  • Search traffic (Ranking vs. Ability to answer readers queries)
  • DA/PA (Domain and Page Authorities)
  • Keyword rankings (Your ranking for specific keywords)
  • Number of backlinks (Total number of links forwarding to your site)
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SEO and our clients

Digital Marketing Agency Service for Website Design
  • Set strategy and allocate budgets with clients
  • Implement marketing Funnel strategies to leverage SEO
  • Develop SEO Content & publishing strategy
  • Transparent workflow so our client always knows what goals we are currently working towards
  • We understand the revenue opportunity of Sales-Marketing department alignment and accordingly, direct our efforts to target a client’s buyer personas, increase acquisition and create targeted social media ads that are symbiotic with Sales department goals.
  • Custom monthly macro (executive level) & micro reports
  • Monthly strategy meetings to empower clients to apply SoMe learnings to SEO, email, PPC and other campaigns in their marketing mix.