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What is SoMe?

Social media marketing is essentially the use of SoMe platforms and apps to widen brand awareness and promote specific products, services or SEO content. SoMe marketing helps build a social media presence that attracts and sustains a clearly-specified target audience.

At SnellMedia, we apply SoMe marketing by using digital platforms to support B2B SEO services for driving traffic to client's content sites through implementation of an omnichannel marketing strategy. Creating interesting and compelling content is one of the cornerstones of SoMe Marketing. Also, Social Media lets businesses interact with target audiences and maintain a forum for feedback. By applying SoMe marketing, we help companies enhance brand awareness and direct customer’s attention towards specific products or content pages.We believe that by promoting, not only products or services, but also the brand itself, B2B businesses can build robust customer relationships while boosting the business’ overall presence and image towards target audiences.

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SoMe Marketing for B2B Companies

B2B Social Media Marketing Agency And Omnichannel Strategy

SoMe marketing strategies can be highly effective for B2B companies as it is an opportunity for businesses to create content and experiences that are attractive to current and future customer businesses.

Truth is, just as well as you are active on social media, so are other business owners and brands.

The value of Social Media Marketing in the business environment is that it helps bring attention to the brand among the people you want to reach. Other benefits include:

  • Conversion rate (Such as email sign-ups or account creation)
  • Time on page (For how long is your website interesting to your reader?)
  • Bounce rate (Contrary to engagement, are readers not returning?)
  • Scroll depth (Is your content enticing so the reader finishes reading the page?)
  • Search traffic (Ranking vs. Ability to answer readers queries)
  • DA/PA (Domain and Page Authorities)
  • Keyword rankings (Your ranking for specific keywords)
  • Number of backlinks (Total number of links forwarding to your site)

Channels for B2B

Now you know the benefits and you want to get started, right? Or you understand the promising performance of omnichannel and you want to know some omnichannel vs multichannel examples? So, what is next?"
Now it's important to recognise which is the best social media platforms for your B2B company to reach other businesses.

As a social media marketing agency focusing on B2B omnichannel strategies, we know omnichannel vs multichannel strategy and the platforms that will work best for your unique B2B brand. The following media platforms are the ones we work with.

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While Linkedin is primarily used as a networking site, it has also transitioned into a necessary part of B2B content marketing as it is a main platform for reaching business professionals.
You can create groups or profiles for posting fresh feed-content, long-form content and create brand-managed pages to reach your target audience.

Linkedin is great for sparking professional dialog and sharing technically specific information about what your company does to reach companies in search of your expertise.
For B2B industries like industrial automation, manufacturing, or SaaS, Linkedin, with almost 600 million active users, is great for building connections, launching products, and generating high-quality leads.


A popular SoMe platform is Instagram, both for its versatility and for the fact that it has 1 billion active users.

This site lets businesses market their brand through visual media. In marketing terms, we at SnellMedia recognise Instagram as a great tool for getting discovered, optimising recognisability and spawning mentions.

Instagram excels in the ability to interact, where with the help of our B2B social media marketing agency, companies can share clients' stories as a way of promoting their brand and the partnership they share, and vice versa.

B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy With Different SoMe Platforms


B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy For Lead Generation

As a network-oriented website, Facebook is great for building a community through shareable content, brand pages, groups and profiles. An attractive function is that the site lets its 2.5 billion active users share your content with their network, a large number of potential buyers of your website.

Facebook grants opportunities to reach existing and potential buyers through posts and sponsored ads that are constantly re-targeted along with the users behaviour on the platform. Further, Facebook allows for geotargeting, which is defined as sharing content to specific locations exclusively.


Marketing on TikTok is a new experience that uses media features to create playful content. For instance, you can use banner ads and hashtags to bring people to your website to buy from your webshop.

It has a useful category exclusiveness feature and works extremely well with user participation experiences where users can engage in presented topics in order to promote your brand.
This is done by setting up in-feed challenges with features helping the users land on your page.

B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy With TikTok


B2B Social Media Marketing Agency

So, what is your goal? Is it expanding awareness through information? Or enhancing your market position and driving up sales? As an experienced B2B social media marketing agency, Snellmedia can customise your SoMe campaign and strategy based on your target audience and business goal

Next, who are you targeting in order to reach your goals? While you have a general audience, the trick is to look beyond that and establish a clear-cut frame for the audience you want to reach. To succeed with SoMe marketing, know specifically who your ideal client is. This lets you better understand the target audience’s interests, needs, social media consumption patterns and preferred information tactics.
Getting back to the ‘how’, what kind of SoMe content is fitting for your brand? Try to stay open towards less traditional strategies as it could highlight your uniqueness. We help you determine which platforms serve your business best so that you stay where you need to be based on where your audience is. We also help determine the mood of your marketing from hard-hitting, informative content to stimulating content with playful undertones in order to humanize your brand. This step is about defining the voice you adapt when speaking to your audience.

With years of experience as a B2B digital marketing agency in the Danish and International markets, we  work with documenting and structuring SoMe content based on how often you want to post. To keep track of social media consistency, we help create a content calendar that contains planned content across all channels, tracking of existing posts and let’s you locate older content in the calendar archive. The structuring includes information streams on each channel based on whether they interact across all platforms or if all platforms contain the same information, possibly shared in different ways (text, images, videos, live streams or infographics). We also look into posting times to find when you establish the most reach.

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SoMe budget for B2B Companies

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Getting the full experience of what you can obtain using SoMe marketing tools does mean spending some money on business accounts, media ads and promotions as well as business premiums and subscriptions. In preparation for implementing social media to your marketing strategy, a vital step is to establish the digital marketing budget. If we focus on cost-per-click, the cost for SoMe marketing looks on average like this:

  • Linkedin: $5.26 per click
  • Facebook: $0,97 per click
  • Instagram: $3.56 per click
  • Youtube: $3.21 per click

How SoMe Marketing Corresponds with other marketing strategies

A useful way to correspond your social media accounts with current marketing is sharing existing ads and commercial content directly onto your social media platforms.

This means that you do not necessarily have to start out with completely new material, as existing material from former marketing initiatives may very well appeal to your social media audience as well. This idea works throughout your path of marketing on digital platforms. You can always share new content simultaneously with other ad campaigns.

SoMe marketing also works well for playing with other types of content methods whilst still sharing the same message. While ad campaigns may show pictures and written paragraphs, a playful way to correspond your digital media content to these campaigns could be to share short videos and infographics.

As a ppc management agency, one of the most important ways to create a seamless customer experience is through social media. By using ad campaigns for information and social media for stimulating interaction around that information, you can engage with your target audience and create a truly seamless customer experience. Additionally, by posing questions that spark interest among your target groups, you can maximize the potential of your paid ads and create a truly engaging online presence.

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SoMe and Our Clients

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Below is a list of ways in which we work with SoMe and our clients:

  • Set strategy and allocate budgets with clients
  • Implement marketing Funnel strategies to leverage SoMe
  • Develop Social Media Content & publishing strategy
  • Transparent workflow so our client always knows what goals we are currently working towards
  • Implement Social Media remarketing strategies to target buying personas
  • We understand the revenue opportunity of Sales-Marketing department alignment and accordingly, direct our efforts to target a client’s buyer personas, increase acquisition and create targeted social media ads that are symbiotic with Sales department goals
  • Custom monthly macro (executive level) & micro reports
  • Monthly strategy meetings to empower clients to apply SoMe learnings to SEO, email, PPC and other campaigns in their marketing mix
  • Apply latest learnings to keep up with B2B marketing trends in the Social Media realm