Web Designing and UX

The primary purpose of websites is to create an online forum for customers to become captivated with what you are offering and hence enabling a foundation for sales of products and professional undertakings. In the most primar view, the design of a website should, in the end, lead to a dynamic action from your target audience; a purchase. But, it is also about UX, the user experience, and mutual engagement. A nicely-thought-out, professional web design boosts the customer journey, simplifies the maintenance of your website, allows the website to evolve for all devices, helps maintain end user attention and permits users to keep your brand in mind far better.

We at SnellMedia, take special consideration to messaging, UX and integrating the User Interface. Here, and in how the page's intelligent functions work, lies a large part of the user experience. At the most basic level, the UI, User Interface, is the series of functions and visual elements that optimize users' interaction with a brand and its products. How a platform works for the user often affects how the business and brand behind it is internally experienced by each website visitor, UX.

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Marketing vs. Graphic Design

While both of these diverse fields act as brand promoters with intentions of satisfying each user’s experiences both on the web page and marketing initiatives, there are ways in which they diverge, mainly being the mindset adapted.

As proven in the sections below, there are ways in which graphic design and marketing differ. After all, while graphic design involves the optimised use of visuals to broadcast ideas and grow the brand, marketing involves the optimised use of messaging to drive conversions and grow the business. However, the modern approach creates a partnership between marketing and graphic design for better impact on the users; a partnership built on parallel attention towards performance.


Marketers’ mindset is focused around the end-user. The idea here is to establish an efficient way of reaching out to the brand’s end-users, and the more the merrier, and communicate with them about the products or services that the business offers. Further, marketers spread the word of the business to build interest from the audience about the brand, hence focusing on dialogue, brand tone and so on. The aim is to sell and promote products, and grow the business.

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Graphic design

Graphic Designers’ adapts a human centric approach. So, while marketing utilizes the diverging lens of reaching a greater number of potential customers, Graphic Designers consider the specific, individual end-users, hence converging towards pleasing the target audience. Graphic design keeps the brand’s visuals, guidelines, and cohesive style in center, giving everything that a business creates a pleasing, united image. This is about growing the brand.

Integrate Design to your Marketing Strategy

Webshop Design In English And Scandinavian Language

It's no secret that graphic design is an important part of marketing. 

After all, a well-designed landing page can be the difference between a buyer making a purchase decision or moving on to the competition. That's why it’s important to focus on both the paid ad strategy and the graphic design, working together to create a smooth, high-converting buyer journey. 

In other words, the balanced partnership between marketing and graphic design is essential for any business that wants to succeed online. So if you're looking for a B2B PPC agency that can help you take your ecommerce or B2B business to the next level, look no further than ours. We're here to help you succeed.

As a branding-focused B2B digital marketing agency, we support the integration of design in your marketing strategy, hence establishing a unified goal that supports the brand as well as the business; This unified goal being performance that satisfies the common interest in growth.Today, graphic design is a cornerstone of marketing. So essentially, one without the other won’t yield any meaningful results for the business.

Graphic design is a specified part of a marketing strategy, and should therefore share brainstorming meetings, target audience, end goal, KPIs, deadlines, platforms and message with the overall marketing initiative.

By utilising design in efficient, strategic ways, businesses can hone in on what their target audience desires and take that further, by creating ways for the audience to identify with the brand. This kind of marketing strategy allows for businesses to create billboards, ads, websites, webshops etc that their target audience can't ignore; the kind of marketing that they can’t take their eyes off of. 

By integrating design to your marketing strategy, your brand and business will shine, become memorable, and most importantly: Convert potential buyers into actual buyers. In the end, the two partners share a common interest in understanding their audience and users. If you want something to sell well (who doesn’t?), it must be designed well, and indisputably marketed well too.

Webshop Design For English Marketing Focused B2B Businesses

Benefits of Marketing Design

Not convinced yet? We doubt it, but let’s have a look at actual benefits of marketing design, the essential inclusion of appealing features to your marketing. All of the following aspects are benefits we at SnellMedia have thorough experience with achieving.


Appealing, moving marketing design has the clear potential of inspiring people to take action. What it does is provide a clear path to conversions through masterfully crafted pitches and concepts. This is all about focusing on consumer engagement and converting the engagement to an aspired outcome. So don’t worry, investing in marketing design will have a tangible impact on your bottom line. Deeper insight into your audience’s behavior is what can make visual and UX design key in driving sales through conversions.

Webshop Design For English Speaking Buyer From B2B Companies
English B2B Market: Webshop Structure And Graphic Design Services

Builds trust

The amazing thing about adapting the humanistic approach to your marketing, is that you will look further into your target audience’s interests and fears - and engage them with care and attention. Optimizing your marketing around design, can help you reduce your consumers’ fears and stress around converting by showing them ways in which they have safety nets; whether it is about them doing good (buying products made out of recyclable materials etc), return policies or testing opportunities.

Provides consumers with incentive

Showcasing the reasons for why a product is beneficial to your potential consumers gives them the incentive needed to make the jump and start purchasing your products.
By giving consumers a context from which they can associate, there is a higher chance that they can see your product fit in with their brand. Businesses want to know that your product will assist their end-goals and process of getting there before they purchase from your webshop.

Digital Marketing Agency Service for Website Design
Digital Marketing Agency Service for Website Design

Gives the brand status

This is also about building trust, but in a higher context. Marketing raises the profile of a brand in order to move potential customers in a specific direction that ends in them buying your product or service. But purchase as an outcome is inevitably achieved through trust and association. Regardless of what your target audience holds in highest esteem, your brand must be the extension to that, and this must be shown in your marketing initiatives.
Truth is, impeccable design can do incredible things to a business as it speaks volumes about their quality, market positioning and expertise.

Design and Our Clients

At  SnellMedia , we have the SEO Agency expertise and experience from SaaS, automation, and manufacturing industries required for your company to achieve full integration between a variety of logistics and business systems, depending on the unique needs of your business. Further, we help with the following:

  • Set marketing design strategy with clients
  • Implement marketing funnel strategies to leverage SEO, for both multi-page and single-page website SEO efforts.
  • Implement marketing Funnel strategies to leverage SEO
  • Develop UX design, content marketing & publishing strategi
  • Transparent workflow so our client knows what goals we are currently working towards
  • We understand the revenue opportunity of Sales-Marketing department alignment and accordingly, direct our efforts to target a client’s buyer personas, increase acquisition and create marketing ads that are symbiotic with Sales department goals for your webshop or website
  • Custom monthly macro (executive level) & micro reports
  • Monthly strategy meetings to empower clients to apply SoMe learnings to SEO, email, PPC and other campaigns in their marketing mix
  • Coordinate your design with your B2B social media marketing strategy on your key platforms.
  • Constantly update websites and their design to keep up with latest marketing trends
Digital Marketing Agency Service for Website Design