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  • Do you run marketing for an international B2B brand?
  • Are you located in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland?
  • Do you need to drive more high quality leads to your sales team?
  • Are you looking for a long term strategic digital marketing partner?
  • If you said yes to all of these questions, then talk to us. We can get you there.

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How it works

It’s fine if your business is doing well and has good digital marketing strategies in place. At SnellMedia, a B2B SEO agency, we’d love to help you get from well and good to great and fantastic!

You can go from a handful of marketing ideas and platforms to present them on to a full-scale system on nearly every platform you can think of. Build a long-term omni-channel marketing strategy, customised for your needs, with the help of our experts in digital marketing, content marketing, website design and AI.

We’ll keep you in the loop with our up-to-the-minute live reports, detailed weekly KPI reports, and monthly executive trend reports. Plus, you’ll work directly with our founder and CEO on big-picture strategy using the latest data from your digital marketing campaigns.

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What you get


Make your mark on Google’s first page with human-friendly language as well as primary keywords and phrases.

We have experience with search engine optimisation as a professional B2B SEO agency in excess of 20 years and built up a lot of expertise in solving one of the most intricate duties, which include international companies in complex b2b niche categories like manufacturing and conferencing.
Search engine marketing is the key that may open the doorway to the coveted top search positions in Google's google search results. In short, it is your website's immediate route to on the web presence - both with regards to the various search engines and your potential prospects. Search engine optimisation is central to digital marketing and helps potential prospects easily discover your website using search engines like Google. If you are running paid search campaigns (PPC), a B2B SEO agency will also help by keeping your cost per click prices lower as a result of higher quality score on your landing pages.


Create and optimise scalable PPC advertising to increase leads and drive revenue up, up, up.

Paid ads are fantastic because once you start paying for traffic, you'll get it almost immediately. With a huge variety of targeting options available through Google  you can reach new and hyper targeted audiences instantaneously.
We are a pay per click bureau that helps b2b companies get new customers and discover new markets with the world's largest search engine. We have developed and optimised international Google Ads campaigns for Nordic and North American businesses. PPC is a focused, contextual advertising and marketing tool used to entice consumers who will be ready to leave a request, order a service or purchase a product. PPC is an excellent instrument for developing a quick impact.


Millennials can influence the decisions of the companies they work for, so you need to gain ground on their turf.

Social media marketing offers limitless possibilities for sales and presence on the internet. Social networking is continuously opening up new trading markets and goal groupings and is probably the most essential and successful places to promote your b2b business.
Our unique approach to marketing on social media supports your sales team's initiates and helps close deals in your pipeline. We help you to maximise the benefits of advertising via Facebook and Instagram by supporting your sales team. We help you to maximise the benefits of advertising via Social by leveraging AI and highly targeted audiences.

Website design

From landing page to contracts, you need a site that moves prospects down the pipeline like a water slide.

A nicely-thought-out, professional web design helps boost the customer journey, simplifies work with the website, will allow the web site to evolve for all devices, helps maintain end user consideration, results in an image and permits a possible customer to keep in mind your brand far better.
We take special consideration to messaging, UX and integrating UI. Here, and in how the page's intelligent functions work, lies a large part of the user experience. How a platform works for the user often affects how the business and brand behind it is experienced. We have both the expertise and experience required for your company to achieve full integration between a variety of logistics and business systems, depending on the unique needs of your business.

Content marketing

Grow your audience, build your brand, and drive more leads with the right content and the right approach.

A big part of bolstering brand reputation, optimizing lead-gen and expanding your audience is bringing in a content-focused segment to your marketing efforts. When we distribute high-value content and ultimate resources to an audience, we build authority, reliability, and credibility to the brand. More than that, we help you attract a targeted audience and expand your reach in order to secure increased online sales and build stronger bonds with your clients and prospects.
Our qualified team of content creators and editors help you appeal to the audience you want in a brand secure and interacting context. We work with anything from researching topics, creating and editing content, and publishing that content on a blog platform.

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Who is SnellMedia Digital Marketing B2B SEO Agency

Who we are

SnellMedia acts as an extension of your team, collaborating with your sales department to generate more high quality leads and injecting strategies that smoothly fit into your day-to-day business needs.

We’ve created thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns for highly specialised B2B companies looking to increase high quality leads, phone calls and sales.

Let us show you how we can help. Request a discovery call and experience what sets SnellMedia apart from other digital marketing agencies.

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SnellMedia is a digital marketing agency based in southern Denmark that helps global B2B brands grow with multi-layered, omni-channel strategies. We support our clients with their current digital marketing initiatives and help marketing teams meet their buyers on all digital channels with one cohesive message.

Sure we could put together a three-week campaign for you. But it would be the first step in a six-month omni-channel campaign that covers your industry on every platform and channel.

As a B2B SEO agency, we’ll partner with you to optimise your digital marketing strategies holistically rather than here and there. Our approach incorporates complex, long-term cycles, focused on multiple buyer personas but with one cohesive message.

For example, SnellMedia can help a parts manufacturer target an engineer at a company to solve a safety issue, then the CFO of the same company about the solution’s ability to reduce waste and costs. Want an example from your own industry? Contact us and we’ll find one for you.

The dramatic digital transformation sparked by COVID-19 has forced more companies than ever to operate online, and many of them are struggling to cope. We’ll make sure you do more than cope – we’ll put you a step ahead.

Want to find out what our kennel of Great Danes can do? Our Nordic team is as eager as puppies to help you master omni-channel digital marketing. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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