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  • Are you a growth phase brand located in Europe or North America?
  • Do you want to create predictable and scalable revenue growth in new markets?
  • Do you want to find new customers in existing markets?
  • Are you seeking a proven, reliable and fast way to generate high quality leads?
  • If you said yes to all of these questions, then talk to us. We can get you there.
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How it works

Give your demand generation marketing efforts a boost. With paid search and social, we generate fast, scalable and predictable revenue growth for your global B2B or eComm brand. As a result, we are able to grow revenue predictably in existing markets and scale quickly to new ones. Using our proven 5 step PPC demand capture model, your brand will rank at the top of Google for bottom funnel searches related to your niche and generate fast, scalable and predictable revenue growth.

1) Connect

Schedule a consultation call for a free audit of your current account and discuss your PPC current strategy.

As part of our live review during the free consultation, we will identify hidden opportunities and ways for you to scale your revenue.

2) Align

Our simple onboarding process ensures smooth account management and clear communication.

We align with your brand to properly target your ideal buyers. We need to fully understand your customer personas and ideal customer profiles (ICPs). A Competitor Analysis and Review is then conducted to ensure that our Unique Selling Proposition will give you an edge over the competition.

3) Plan

To improve conversion rates across all channels we conducting a complete review of your website.

Verify past data & ensure Google Analytics, install Google Tag Manager, and build a Google Merchant Center account. We set up dynamic remarketing and review your product data and demand generation forms. Next, we set up dynamic remarketing and review your product data and/or demand gen forms. Through this, we can make sure that your data is optimized to increase algorithm success.

5) Optimise

Performance is continually monitored by us through daily data reviews, monthly strategy meetings, and regular updates.

Following our discussion about the direction you want to take your campaigns, we'll modify them each week to ensure scalability, success expanding to new markets and consistent revenue growth.

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Generate predictable growth with lead generation that shortens sales cycles, lowers customer acquisition costs and improves customer experiences.

Who is SnellMedia Digital Marketing B2B SEO Agency

Who we are

SnellMedia, a specialised eComm PPC and B2B PPC company, acts as an extension of your marketing team. We collaborate with your marketing executives, sales & customer success departments, to build and optimise PPC campaigns designed to generate predictable revenue growth.

We’ve created thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns for complex and highly specialised global B&B companies.

Let us show you how we can help. Request a discovery call and experience what sets SnellMedia apart from other digital marketing agencies.

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What you get

Search PPC

Tens of thousands of people search on Google every second for products, services, and solutions.

The concept of paid search is when search engines like Google and Bing let advertisers display ads on their search engine results pages. In paid search, you pay per click, which means that until someone clicks on your ad, you don't pay. It is, therefore, a measurable and controllable marketing channel compared to more traditional forms of advertising. Ad formats include text ads that appear at the top or bottom of organic search results, or shopping ads that appear above search results. There is no better way to promote your business to a relevant and engaged audience that is actively searching for products and services.

Display PPC

These are graphic ads (though they can be text-only too) that appear as banners and sidebars on web pages.

The Google Display Network (GDN) includes over 2 million sites, videos, and apps where you can run ads. Display ads can be targeted anywhere on the Google Display Network in a few different ways: by target audience (interests, demographics, similar), content (keyword), or placement (exact websites). You can also expect low prices for display ads. A typical calculation is based on the "number of impressions," with one impression equal to a single page view. For highly targeted campaigns, rates can go as low as 50 euro cents per thousand impressions (CPM).

eComm PPC

Ecommerce advertising with Google Shopping Ads are expected to outpace standard search ads in 2022.

Google Shopping Ads are some of the most clicked advertisements Google provides, making them an effective and affordable way to increase traffic to your ecommerce store. If you're not advertising your products on Google Shopping, you're losing out in a big way. Google Shopping lets consumers search for, compare, and shop for physical products at different retailers that have paid to advertise their goods on Google. It's also known as a Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE). Products in Google Shopping show up at the top of the search engine results page as thumbnail images that show retailers and prices.

Perf. Max

Performance Max leverages artificial intelligence for ppc ads throughout the entire Google ecosystem.

The main advantage of Performance Max is automation for targeting and bidding. This allows for more focus campaign strategy rather than maintenance! At the heart of your marketing strategy are your goals. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you can find the type of buyer you want and leverage it to reach them through the entire Google ecosystem with the perfect ad. Through Google Signals, we are able to launch campaigns more quickly and get even better results.


The world’s most popular reporting tool, has just gotten better with its new property, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

GA4 now makes it much easier to accurately track website users' movements across platforms and devices as they interact with content thanks to its User ID tracking feature. In short, this will enable you to better understand the customer journey by providing deeper insights. There is no doubt that this is one of the most significant differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4. Using GA4's advanced feature for tracking users across a wide variety of devices and platforms provides us with much more reliable data about how your ad spend is working.

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