10 B2B SaaS Lead Generation Strategies for More Sales in 2023

As the business world continues to evolve and become more connected than ever before, marketing strategies must adapt in order to keep up. 

For example, in the past decade, B2B SaaS lead generation has undergone some major changes. Today, big data analytics, SEO and paid media (PPC ads) are key components of any effective marketing strategy in this space. 

These tools have not only helped businesses to better target potential customers and engage with them effectively, but they have also opened the door for a range of other marketing techniques that were previously inaccessible.

At the same time, however, these technologies have also brought about new challenges for marketers. With such a wealth of customer data available at their fingertips, it can be difficult for businesses to sort through all of this information and identify what is relevant and what can actually be used to create effective campaigns. 

Additionally, paid media and social media platforms often change their algorithms or introduce new features on a regular basis, which makes it challenging for marketers to keep up with these rapid developments and maintain a stable presence across all channels.

Despite these challenges, one thing is certain: marketing will continue to evolve as technology advances at an unprecedented rate. As long as businesses are able to embrace change and keep up with the rapidly-changing landscape

The battle for eyeballs has intensified in recent years, as consumers now have more choice and greater power to decide what brands they want to align themselves with. Marketers are now tasked with delivering an omnichannel experience across multiple channels at a scale never thought possible. 

Lead generation in B2B SaaS is highly competitive. The barriers to entry are low and the customer acquisition costs are high. Successful SaaS brands must know how to generate leads at scale that strengthens customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

Coupled with the turmoil of the past few years, a number of important lessons have emerged to sustain B2B SaaS sales strategies. Here is a summary of the most relevant lessons drawn from personal experience and candid interviews with top marketers.

The most important marketing lessons for marketers for 2023 are as follows:

  1. The Importance of Branding: In a crowded marketplace, it is essential to create a strong and recognizable brand that can help your B2B company stand out from the competition. A strong brand can also build trust with potential customers and make them more likely to do business with you.
  2. The Power of Content Marketing for B2B SaaS marketers: Creating high-quality content can help you attract and engage potential customers, build trust with them, and ultimately convert them into paying customers.  Social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook offer an excellent way to connect with potential customers and build relationships with them, while generating leads, driving traffic to your website, and promoting your content.
  3. The Importance of SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) is another key lesson for B2B SaaS marketers in 2023. SEO is the process of optimizing your website and content for the search engines, with the goal of improving your website’s visibility in the search results. By improving your SEO, you can make it more likely that potential customers will find your website when they are searching for information related to your products or services.
  4. Using AI for digital marketing: AI can be used to automate many of the tasks associated with digital marketing such as personalizing content, targeting customers more effectively and analyzing data faster than ever before. In addition, AI-driven automation tools can help marketers save time by automating mundane tasks such as email campaigns and website optimization so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. 

By leveraging AI technologies, companies will be able to better understand their customer’s needs and provide them with a personalized experience that will drive higher conversion rates. With the right implementation strategies in place, businesses will be well positioned to benefit from the power of AI in order to maximize their digital marketing efforts in 2023 and beyond.

By harnessing the power of digitalisation, businesses have the opportunity to revolutionize their customer experiences in 2023 and beyond. Our analysis has identified key trends that will drive this transformation – from developing new lead generation strategies in B2B SaaS to utilizing predictive technology and targeted marketing campaigns.

These actionable insights can be used to build an effective roadmap of how digitalisation will shape customer experience in 2023. With a better understanding of the trends, companies can develop strategies that capitalize on new opportunities and ensure they stay ahead of the competition.

By leveraging our predictions, businesses can develop the strategies needed to stay one step ahead of their customers. With these insights and tips, you can ensure your business is well placed for success in the coming years.

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Diversify Your Traffic Sources For B2B SaaS Lead Generation

10 Top Tips to Enhance your B2B SaaS Sales Lead-Gen Strategy

1. Diversify Your Traffic Sources for more SaaS Sales

A lack of diversity can prove problematic to your B2B SaaS lead generation strategy, so it is advisable to diversify your traffic sources without spreading yourself too thin. This will help to ensure that you are not at the mercy of whatever ad or network change sweeps through the marketing industry. As an agency or business owner aiming for B2B SaaS lead generation, depending on one offer, product and channel is a risky strategy.

To remain competitive in today's world, companies must ensure their message is reaching its intended audience both on- and offline. This is done with a cohesive strategy, where omnichannel is the most in-demand option.

As customer experience improves, so too will your conversions, all things being equal, but it is crucial to not lose sight of future volatility. In other words, steer clear of complacency.

Introduce New Perspectives in Your B2B SaaS Sales Strategy

2. Complacency in Marketing Kills 

When things are going well, it usually means things are about to change. A balance of positive and negative foresight will help sustain PPC B2B sales lead generation strategies since it consolidates the company's readiness for industry disruptions.

Marketers are often too close to their marketing campaigns to see where they can improve. It's important for marketers to work with an outside perspective so they can see the bigger picture. Negative feedback, or criticism, is part of any marketing strategy and should never be avoided. 

It is better to focus on the near-term possible negatives while adapting nimbly.

Stay Nimble For B2B SaaS Lead Generation

3. Stay Nimble and Generate More Quality SaaS Leads

Hastily hopping from one ad platform to another or taking drastic measures like completely turning off ads because of low initial conversions without giving cognisance to conversion lift (conversions caused by your ads) will prove detrimental. 

Instead, it is better to proceed slowly and take calculated steps that will give your company the agility it needs to take advantage of new opportunities when they arise.

In B2B SaaS Sales Marketing Strategy Tellinig the Truth to Build Trust is Crucial

4. Tell the Truth to Build Trust

As a SaaS agency practising B2B lead generation strategies, it is important to admit when you don't know something. Make your clients aware of areas where you need additional research, i.e., fair balance. 

Fair balance of your strengths and weaknesses simply adds to your brand’s believability. For instance, if your products have some side-effects, it is a good strategy to lay bare all the facts so that your brand will come across as trustworthy when customers and prospects undertake further research. This will help you progressively build a reliable community when disasters like COVID strike.

Build A Community To Generate Lead in B2B SaaS Marketing

5. Build A Community

Building a community takes the pressure off your bottom line when a traffic channel stops working. It gives you the opportunity to convert casual engagements into perpetual relationships. So, choose one channel, say YouTube, and work on building a community. 

Pro Tip: Celebrate every follower or subscriber as you grow. Then when there is a dip in traffic going forward, you’ll have somewhere to go.

B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Need to Be Adaptable To Marketing Curve And Changes

6. Become Adaptable

As a marketer, you need to adapt to the ever-changing marketing environment. To be prepared for all eventualities, marketers should be agile and flexible. We can't predict the future but we can prepare for it.

Indeed, 74% of marketing leaders state that "adaptability" will be the most valuable skill in the coming months. In this digital era, with the constant stream of content, brands and marketers need to be ahead of the curve to ensure that they are anticipating changes in customer needs and staying relevant. Innovative marketing techniques have never been more important.

Utilise Digital Techniques in B2B SaaS Lead Generation

7. Utilise the “Digital-First” Approach

With the number of people accessing the internet and mobile devices having grown since COVID struck, it makes sense for marketers to go where their audience is – online. 

The “digital-first” marketing strategy is a shift from traditional marketing strategies that relied on TV commercials and print ads as their main methods of advertising and promotion. This approach is not new to marketers; however, the difference is that it has become more popular than ever before as the digital world expands.

The digital-first approach helps marketers understand more about their audience and what they want from them. It is therefore not therefore that video has emerged as supreme within this strategy.

A survey conducted by Wyzowl in 2021 found that 93% of marketers considered video to be essential to their marketing strategy. This was the highest percentage since 2015. But of course, video isn’t the only effective path when it comes to digital. Virtual events are also a great way to provide more information, better customer service and more opportunities for interaction.

B2B SaaS Sales Strategy Need to Take the Virtual Events Route

8. Take the Virtual Events Route

With the shift in consumer behaviour to a digital landscape, virtual events allow you to create a more personal connection with your audience by inviting them into your space. This is what makes virtual events so important now. But it is impossible to capture all the traffic manually considering the fact that online numbers have skyrocketed. This is why the use of automation as a supplement has taken off.

Marketing Automation Benefit B2B SaaS Lead Generation

9. Marketing Automation Isn’t Going Anywhere

Automation is a hot topic in the marketing world right now, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s because it fills a need. Marketers are drowning in emails, and one of their biggest complaints is that they don’t have time to respond to everyone.

Marketing automation responds to those emails for them, which means they can spend more time on content creation, social media management and other essential tasks.

Leveraging marketing automation is essential for businesses today. By collecting data about potential customers and using machine learning and AI to analyze that data, businesses can create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. For the future of B2B sales, we believe that marketing automation will become even more important, as it allows businesses to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the marketplace.

Empathy Becomes the Key to Execute B2B SaaS Sales Strategy

10. It Is Important to Practise Empathy

Empathy is the quality of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to and indirectly experiencing the feelings, thoughts and experiences of prospects and customers. Empathy has long been an important quality for businesses to have, but the pandemic has accelerated this trend. Today, potential buyers demand empathy rooted in offerings and marketing campaigns (they want to be heard).

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Why is it important for sales and marketing to work together?

Sales and marketing need to work together in order to improve their lead generation, conversion rates, customer retention rates and revenue. Communication inconsistencies lead to task duplications which results in a bad customer experience. On the other hand, effective collaboration between your sales and marketing teams will translate to the effective acquisition of new high quality leads, as well as reconversions of existing customers. 

How Do I Generate B2B SaaS Sales Leads?

Quality B2B sales leads can come from many different sales and marketing channels. In our experience, the key ingredient in generating more leads is improving the synergy between marketing and sales teams. A cohesive lead-gen strategy can be boosted with:

  1. Clear buyer personas (ideal customer profiles)
  2. Thought leader content online
  3. SEO efforts that achieve SERP ranking
  4. Marketing channels like LinkedIn or email
  5. Sales channels like HubSpot or calls

Key Takeaways

The important things for businesses to consider after 2022, summarised earlier in this article, can be encapsulated in the following key takeaways and tips for the future:  

  • The pandemic has made people realise that ‘’digital’’ is a channel to really focus on. The integration of digital and analogue has gone beyond where it has ever been before. Brick and mortar was mainly separate from online prior to 2022. As the pandemic created so many limitations in terms of where people could go, how many people could be in a room, etc., this necessitated a transformation of analogue experiences. 

For instance, you bought your groceries online, but drove down to the shop to collect them. An example is UberEats.

  • Online Influences Offline Sales: Most ad agencies don’t listen to offline conversions. Offline conversions tend to be more valuable than online conversions. But Google Ads-driven ecommerce conversions can lead to high-value phone calls. Calls can be valuable in various ways: they usually lead to larger orders and are probably from first-time customers. Also, callers might have yet-to-be identified issues that could show you a fail-point in the purchasing process. 

So, in-shop conversions - where people come into your shop after seeing your ad (called conversion lift) are essential to be aware of, albeit untrackable. Not giving enough credit to your ads for conversion lift will prove detrimental. 

Turning off such ads could lead to a total decline in conversions because they are an essential part of your acquisition strategy. But how can we know or measure the effectiveness of ads offline? Pro Tip: Ask your customers where they got wind of your product or services in order to track the source of offline sales.

In a nutshell, the major area of focus is figuring out the points of inflection between offline and online and improving the synergy.

  • As an experienced B2B SaaS lead generation agency, SnellMedia is well positioned to help marketing teams implement strategies and tailor messages to customer pain points in order to maximise their ROI. Our team of experts focus their attention on marketing initiatives that facilitate sales teams in getting higher quality leads in their sales pipeline.

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