B2B Sales Lead Generation Strategies for Paid & Organic Marketing Campaigns

In the 21st century, brands are finding new ways to stay competitive in the increasingly dynamic and interconnected business landscape. 

More and more companies are adopting anti-silo, pro-alignment strategies that allow them to form stronger connections with their customers and work more efficiently as a whole. 

One example of this is the rise of DevOps, which brings together technology, development, and quality assurance teams under one umbrella in order to streamline product creation and delivery.

Another example of these kinds of strategies can be seen in the growing trend of encouraging collaboration between marketing, sales and customer success departments. 

By breaking down traditional barriers between different teams and working together towards shared goals, businesses can create more effective lead generation strategies that deliver real and long lasting results. 

Whether it's through building stronger relationships with existing buyers or by enhancing internal collaboration across departments, brands that embrace anti-silo thinking are poised for success in the 21st century.

To improve B2B sales lead generation, it is essential for brands to bring marketing and sales teams together. Through this collaboration, marketers can understand what type of leads are needed by sales teams and then create targeted, tailored campaigns to acquire those leads. 

Additionally, this collaboration allows for a more cohesive messaging strategy that ensures that the same messages from sales and marketing initiatives are delivered consistently across all touchpoints.

With this approach to B2B sales lead generation in place, brands can be proactive in driving high-quality leads into their sales pipelines. By aligning their lead-gen efforts with key buyer avatars and targeting the right audiences at the right time, brands can more effectively engage with potential customers on a personal level. 

Further, by focusing on building relationships early in the buyer's journey, they also increase the likelihood of converting these quality leads into paying customers down the road. 

So if you're looking to boost your B2B lead gen strategies, it's definitely worth investing in partnerships between marketing and sales teams that will help drive better results for your business.

Successful lead generation requires strong collaboration between marketing and sales departments. Through ongoing communication and mutual support, they can provide B2B buyers with superior customer experiences that help turn them into loyal brand advocates in their own right.

Marketing is key to creating quality leads through a variety of channels, including PPC ads SEO, content marketing and social media promotions.

And sales works to convert those contacts into customers by offering the right products or services at the right time. 

Overall, it is essential for these three teams to work together to create a holistic approach to lead generation that yields results. Through ongoing communication and mutual support, they can provide prospective customers with superior experiences that help turn them into loyal brand advocates in their own right. 

Thus, successful lead generation begins with the success of all three departments working closely together.

What is B2B Sales Lead Generation

What is B2B Sales Lead Generation?

In marketing, our main objective is to generate quality B2B sales leads with organic content in combination with paid ad campaigns. When siloed, our goal is to get engagement, traffic and sign-ups. 

Modern lead generation initiatives remove the silo that keeps marketing objectives detached from sales objectives. Instead, the focus is to align customer-orientated teams and create uniform goals and standards to hold everyone accountable. Together, the teams identify who their ideal customers are and build buyer personas that embody the characteristics that define the ideal customer. In the buyer personas, the united customer-orientated segment expands on high-quality customers’ pain points and desires. 

Once the ideal leads and their characteristics are revealed, both teams set up cohesive messaging to apply in all interactions, and start engaging with their ideal customers at the right times and in the right places. With a smart setup of touchpoints, the marketing team can start moving qualified leads into a sales funnel where the sales team closes the deal. When this is done right, your B2B lead-gen can bring in new business and foster brand advocates simultaneously.

With sales and marketing teams under the same roof, both teams will benefit from:

Sales Marketing
Insights into the total addressable market Customer data and identified attributes
Accurate, up-to-date contact data Content creation that converts
Increased acquisition rates Built-out brand awareness
Stronger sales pipeline Predictable marketing system

Credit where it’s due: Cognism

In the following sections, we’ll look at how you and your team can boost your B2B marketing initiatives with lead generation that uncovers new sales opportunities:

Generate B2B Leads For Sales With Email Marketing

Email Marketing

First on the list is email lead-gen. This strategy lets your demand generation marketers build out an email list by collecting leads through the use of an email opt-in form. While email is a great option for lead mining, it’s also highly beneficial to later activities in the lead generation revenue cycle, as the data gathered on potential customers is valuable in lead nurturing stages to transform qualified leads into returning customers.

When it comes to marketing, your email list is your greatest asset. The reason for this is its high sales potential. According to 84% of B2B marketers, email marketing is one of their most successful marketing channels due to its high ROI potential. Furthermore, research shows that more than 48% of marketers believe that email marketing is the most effective strategy for generating sales leads online and improving the overall quality of leads. 

Here are our top 5 tips for optimising your email lead-gen effectiveness:

  1. Apply lead scoring to sort and prioritise your mined leads
  2. Design clean and simple email templates with plain fonts
  3. Keep your subject lines engaging and eye catching
  4. Never exclude a strong, contextual CTA
  5. Use email automation to maximise your reach

Build B2B Lead Generation Strategy With Content Marketing Aproach

Content Marketing

Any successful lead generation project, even when backed by sophisticated marketing technologies, can be highly inadequate if its content strategy doesn’t align with the buyer’s needs and feed into their entire buying journey. In marketing specific activities that feed leads into a business’ sales pipeline, it’s critical that you make use of insights about your total addressable market and the characteristics of the ideal customers within it to capture leads by giving them incentives to take action.

The data your team can access about the characteristics of a high-quality lead allows them to start creating ultimate-resource content that acts as a lead magnet.

Here are our top 5 tips for optimising the effectiveness of your content marketing lead-gen:

  1. Always create data-backed content pieces
  2. Understand your target audience (ideal customers)
  3. Personalise your content to improve customer experience
  4. Integrate content diversity and use the content types your audience prefer
  5. Again, always include a strong, contextual CTA

Boost B2B Sales and Lead Generation With Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing

Along the lines of content, another tactic that boosts B2B sales lead generation is sharing your content on social media. Social media lead generation helps your marketing team to identify the social media audiences that are interested in your business. This gives you the necessary leverage to target them with relevant content and offers with the intention of converting them into paying customers.

Social media is a valuable tool in lead mining and nurturing as it builds community engagement, drives website traffic and boosts brand recognition. With the help of your business’ sales team, your marketing experts can create up-to-date, market-relevant content that attracts quality leads and moves them into a sales journey.

Here are our top 5 tips for optimising your SoMe marketing lead-gen effectiveness:

  1. Continually update your profile with key information (address, contact details, etc.)
  2. Never skimp on CTA buttons like ‘Sign Up’, ‘Book’ or ‘Reach Out’.
  3. Launch compelling lead magnet offers that compel your audience to share data
  4. Create clickable content that moves your audience further in their brand discovery
  5. Implement social lead ads (on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter)

Social media is critical to ensure that marketing and lead-gen initiatives meet KPIs and the goals shared between sales and marketing teams. Learn more about the vast benefits of social media in our Social Media Trends of 2022.

Key Tool for B2B Sales Lead Generation: Google Ads

Google Ads

Businesses that have a long sales process, like many B2Bs, rely on lead campaigns created by marketing teams to supply their salespeople with qualified sales opportunities. One tactic that accelerates that process is Google search ads. These ads are typically the easiest to use to drive positive ROI as your audience is already making searches that match what you’re offering, letting your team access higher quality leads.

According to Google, direct-response campaigns that encourage the audience to pursue a specific action are quite typical types of ads. These ads let you collect contact details in your marketing segment to transfer to the sales segment where either a sale is initiated or an up-sell opportunity is leveraged.

Here are our top 5 tips for optimising the effectiveness of your Google Ads lead-gen:

  1. Set clear goals for your lead-generating campaigns
  2. Pick on-niche keywords that target a qualified audience
  3. Ensure that your landing page is Google-friendly, without pop-ups or interstitials
  4. Make use of rich-media ad formats with a clear and powerful CTA
  5. Perform continual testing on both the ads and the landing pages

Implied Live Chat Function In B2B Sales For Lead Gen

Live Chat

94% of customers who were proactively invited to chat were partially or fully satisfied with their experience. This speaks volumes to the immense benefit of live chat in B2B sales lead generation. Live chat is an incredible tool for keeping qualified prospects onsite and interacting with your brand for longer, hence building on an opportunity to give qualified leads a great user experience that increases the likelihood of conversions.

Adding a live chat option on your site is extra effective when it comes to shortening the sales process and converting traffic into sales opportunities. This option assists your marketing team in engaging with qualified prospects in one or more touchpoints, freeing up time to amp up the quality of the touchpoints where your experts are indispensable.

Diversify Your B2B Sales Lead Generation Campaign With Visual Content

Personalised Video

Video marketing is not only ideal for offering insights into product specifications, providing information about your unique offers and building brand recognition. It’s also a powerful opportunity to introduce your leads to a person in your business and thus make your outreach more humanised and personal. This is critical to building rapport with your audience and making them see your brand as more than just a business trying to sell to them.

Personalised videos are great for driving sales-ready leads into your sales pipeline as well. At SnellMedia, our outreach team includes personal videos at the beginning and end of each lead-gen initiative, first to create a bond, and at the end of the cycle to give the final sway that gets the ball rolling and sale happening.

Modern buyers are much less reluctant to buy if they are presented with personalised, tailored messages throughout the sales journey, and introduction videos are a great way to satisfy the need for customised outreach. As the B2B sales cycle is complex, long, and tedious at times, videos truly break up the monotonous outreach cycle with a much more intriguing, entertaining, and refreshing approach.

Here are our top 5 tips for optimising the effectiveness of your video lead-gen:

  1. Bring in personal attributes, like name, business name, title, industry
  2. Include a short rapport-building comment that’s off-topic
  3. Focus on the values and benefits untapped by the lead
  4. Use videos to promote content or events that your lead should engage with
  5. Highlight your uniqueness in the market

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What do Lead Generation Businesses Help With?

Lead-Gen experts and niche businesses help companies grow their B2B lead generation with structured workflows and specified strategies. Lead generation-focused agencies like SnellMedia help in-house marketing experts generate more high-quality leads to their sales pipeline with respect to your marketing budget and brand specifics.

Key Takeaways

Lead generation is a crucial part of the digital marketing scene as it allows your united marketing and sales teams to acquire higher quality leads that bring revenue and returning business to your sales pipeline. 

Since the B2B sales funnel is long and tedious, there’s a need for a substantial lead-gen cycle that incorporates tasks that benefit your lead mining, capture, nurturing and acquisition. To make this process comfortable, magnetic and rewarding, an ideal strategy includes outreach diversification with unique tactics associated with unique touchpoints. 

Some examples of B2B sales lead generation tactics include the aforementioned: email marketing, content marketing, SoMe marketing, Google Ads, live chat and personalised video.

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