Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Agency Service for SEO, search engine optimisation

Email marketing is proof that a strong concept can stay on top for a long time. This tactic is a perpetual champ for B2B, with its major ROI potential.
A well-designed email-marketing strategy centred on individualised messages,

updated target lists, and optimisation for multiple devices can help you create deeper relationships while increasing revenue.

Strategic planning

At SnellMedia, we keep you in the loop and maximise your understanding with onboarding meetings, where we clarify goals and objectives.

We start all B2B email marketing campaigns by creating a customised strategy that meshes with your business. Through strategic planning, we define the who, what, when, and how of your campaigns based on your brand identity.

Our lead team thoroughly studies the complexities of your business, your buyer personas, and your target audience. If you have yet to identify your target audience, we can research that for you. Once you approve the results, we’ll begin the campaigns with your top-tier audience front and centre.
Along with your email-marketing strategy, we also determine how we can offer value to your target audience and craft a content strategy that aligns with your brand’s message and tone using our experience of 20 years of an omnichannel marketing strategy. As a client-centric agency, we’ll always share information and results with you throughout the planning so that we can get your feedback and stay focused on your needs.

Digital Marketing Agency Service for SoMe and social media

Low-cost lead-generation

Digital Marketing Agency Service for SEO, search engine optimisation

You probably heard the rumors that email marketing is dead. But considering that every 1€ spent on email marketing can generate 38€ (hello, 3800% ROI), we have to disagree. Email marketing is a low-cost sales magnet that’s roaring and ready to eat the competition for lunch.
Email marketing is still one of the strongest ways to connect with customers.

If you want to learn more about this tactic that keeps its place on the throne, check out our email marketing trends blog post. 

Our team of experts will develop meaningful email campaigns that maximise your ROI while building strong and loyal customer relationships to keep the sales magnet pulling.


Part of our email-marketing service package is design work for your email structure and newsletters, to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for your users that keeps them engaged with your brand. We collaborate with our design team to create appealing and cohesive designs so that your campaigns reach your desired results.

Digital Marketing Agency Service for Website Design

UX and HTML coding

Digital Marketing Agency Service for SEO, search engine optimisation

With people checking their email on a multitude of devices in a wide range of ways, we make sure your email campaigns render flawlessly regardless of software or device. 
With our omnichannel experience and focus,

we create responsive templates, coding structures, and designs that allow us to support and maintain a good email experience, even as expectations and requirements change.

Segmentation and personalisation

When we’ve pinpointed your top-tier audience, our email marketing specialists will focus on high-value segments and customer groups based on behaviours, interests, and pain points to amplify your response rates. 

Also, by harnessing subscriber data, we can personalise your email communications based on segments and individual traits. Personalisation improves engagement and builds trust and loyalty to your brand. To improve customer-centricity and the user experience, we tailor the user experience with all the information we’ve gathered, making your emails feel personal and relevant to each individual.

Digital Marketing Agency Service for Website Design

Campaign management

Digital Marketing Agency Service for SEO, search engine optimisation

Building email marketing campaigns that make a difference is a discipline on its own, one that needs regular review, management, and improvement to support the user experience and the success of the tactics. Through our full-service email-marketing management, we adjust to attract and nurture leads, optimise time spent, and ensure a successful campaign experience.

We also optimise every element of your email campaigns so that they perform at their peak. We focus on scheduling, frequency, omnichannel syncing with landing pages, tone consistency, and optimal formats (video, text, infographics, etc).
Lastly, our email strategists build proactive structures that allow your audience to easily reply to your business without having to re-engage, because making it easy to reply makes it easy to say yes.

Testing and optimisation

As a digital marketing agency, we’re thoroughly skilled in sustaining the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. 

While preliminary runs may yield results slowly, we must test them rigorously to maintain the efficiency and profitability of your campaigns. We A/B-test both broadcast and segmented email to keep both performing on a lucrative level.

To free your focus from content management so you can tend to higher-value goals, we use vast data-analytics systems and artificial intelligence on the automation funnels for your campaigns, creating relevant and timely communications. And to smooth the customer journey, we build and deliver automation schemas that glide your customers through your funnels. 

We incorporate AI designed to receive and store data from your subscriber list, whether it’s prospects or existing customers. AI-based email marketing goes beyond standard depths in data delivery, maximising data accuracy for predictive analytics while freeing up time to maintain campaign success.

List maintenance

Digital Marketing Agency Service for SEO, search engine optimisation

We want to focus your campaigns on the right audience, those viewers who’ll engage and convert most often. We start by creating a high-value audience list that allows for the widespread distribution of your information to people who need it.

As we continue, we build a maintenance strategy to develop and focus your email list, so that your content lands in the inboxes of those with the most potential for creating value for you. We regularly cleanse your list of outdated or faulty data and search for new, valuable segments to engage.